Jade Walker is a veteran journalist with more than 20 years of experience covering international/national affairs, crime, the publishing industry, new media and obituaries. The former overnight editor of The New York Times, The Associated Press and Yahoo! News, Ms. Walker now publishes Night Owl News, a comprehensive roundup of the world, U.S. and feature stories that appeared on the Web in the middle of the night. In her "spare time," she writes obits for The Blog of Death, produces The Written Word quote service and blogs for the Obituary Forum, Once Upon a Time... Arresting Reports and Jade Walker's Oddities.

Web Site: http://www.nightowlnews.com

Night Owl News is on hiatus

Until further notice, Night Owl News is on hiatus. The reason is simple: I’ve been offered a job as the overnight editor of The Huffington Post. I’m very excited about this opportunity and look forward to bringing my “just the facts” style of journalism to such a respected news outlet. Thank you for reading...
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